Opened in October 2006, Brimstage re-established brewing on Wirral for the first time since 1968. Initially, two beers were produced, Trappers Hat Bitter and Rhode Island Red and due to their growing popularity the real ale portfolio has now grown to five quality brews.

Sandpiper Light Ale 3.6%

Sandpiper Light Ale ABV 3.6%

Brewed with the Citra hop, this extremely moreish session beer has sublime balance and is light and refreshing with tropical fruit flavours. Because of its popularity Sandpiper is now available throughout the year.

Trappers Hat Bitter 3.8%

Trappers Hat Bitter ABV 3.8%

A refreshingly hoppy session beer. Gold coloured with a complex bouquet, it provides a mouthful of fruit zest, with hints of orange and grapefruit. This was our first brew and remains the most popular having won several awards.

Rhode Island Red Bitter 4.0%

Rhode Island Red Bitter ABV 4.0%

Red, smooth and well balanced. Rich fruity aroma with a slight malty taste and long lingering berry fruit notes and dry aftertaste.

Scarecrow Bitter 4.2%

Scarecrow Bitter ABV 4.2%

Orange marmalade in colour, this well balanced session brew has a distinct citrus fruit bouquet and a bitter finish. Another popular award winner.

Oystercatcher Stout 4.4%

Oystercatcher Stout ABV 4.4%

Award winning smooth easy drinking stout with rich chocolate aromas leading to a mellow roasted coffee flavour and lingering bitter finish. This is an occasional brew available mainly in the autumn and winter months.

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